Project 52: Week 1 — You: A Self-Portrait

I haven’t really talked here (anywhere, really) about my New Year’s resolutions, but at least photography-wise, one of them is participating in another Project 52 — taking and posting at least a picture a week. Yes, I’ll probably do that anyway, but these are all going to be on an assigned theme. This week’s is a self-portrait, to start off the year with a little introspection, and introduce ourselves to the other folks participating in the P52 on ClickinMoms. So here we go. “A representation of the artist, by the artist.”

EDITED TO ADD: Via ClickinMoms, this post is also part of a blog circle of other Project 52 participants. If you’re curious, check out the next blog on the circle!

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6 Thoughts to “Project 52: Week 1 — You: A Self-Portrait”

  1. I like the repetition in this photo. Thanks for joining the circle!

  2. Really interesting shot, what a great idea!

  3. oh no, i can’t see the photo!

  4. Rats! It broke! I’ll fix it shortly!

  5. What a fun shot! I love the little peek we are getting into everyone’s lives in our blog circle.

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