Happy Halloween!

I may not be going anywhere this year for Halloween, but that didn’t stop me from getting dress up. The most important part, of course, is the footwear:


Until Doyce gets home later, that’s the best picture I have of my costume. Kaylee was a lot more photogenic (of course):


And I got pictures of my niece and nephew crossdressing for Halloween this year, which was great. Before I had a little one of my own (and lived in Colorado), my usual Halloween activities involved training it out to New Jersey to go to their school parades and go trick-or-treating with them. I hope they’re thinking of their crazy Aunt Kate today!

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One Thought to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Kaylee was Teh Cute going around Trick-or-Treating with Katherine, screaming with incredulous, near-religious ecstasy, “THEY GAVE ME *CANDY*!”

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